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Sometime ago I read an interesting to me article. It stated the Federal government was counting 1 person working 1 year as a job for certain legislation, laws and projects. This is a rare way to count jobs, but not unheard of.

For example, 1 person working for 2 years would count as 2 jobs. So the project created 2 jobs over 2 years.

It explains these amazing "jobs created" numbers I have seen for certain legislation.


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Sustainability is important and right now solar is not sustainable in the usa. As life of solar panels is about 25 years. And generally speaking we rely on china for the panels and parts.

Putting the national power grid at the mercy of a country that is not officially an enemy yet certainly is not a friend...does not seem wise.

Glad to see it is more economically worth it, till the special credits expire. Would like to see more solar houses. That makes for a more robust power grid if international relations deteriorate. A few houses going off grid..accommodations can be made.


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This is a great accomplishment! Way to go. He is just so inexperienced due to his age, I hope he finds a wise advisor or two from where ever. Maybe other mayors, maybe a biz professor at his school. This young man has the drive and intelligence, and care for his community

He will have some successes and some failures. Just an exceptional young man!


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There are safety concerns for the other resident and staff and also the very facililities. Not unsightly..but dangerous.

So in Albuquerque they are selective. They also found some that qualified declined housing when they found it included participation in social services and minimal worl cleaning up the facilities. Last I read, they did get a few residents who were overjoyed.

The alburqerque project has no fed funding, so they could experiment with this model. As best as i recall.


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A tough tough population they are targeting. I know albuquerque could not fill their little village because it required being sober for a month, and required a bit of community work, like sweeping walks and cleaning common areas. They also refused clearly out of control people.

It will be interesting to see if Salt lake has discovered the magic sauce to get this population off the streets.