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I agree. The gui interface turned clunky code-heavy machines into user-friendly devices. I think this will change our tools in a similar way.

It still needs large accurate datasets to work though, so I don't think it will replace as many jobs as some people think.


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My SIL comes from an anti-vax family. He defied all his upbringing and had the vaccine anyway. My daughter had to take him to hospital afterwards - panic attack.

Some people genuinely can't take it, but I think it's overstated / misinterpreted how many.

I myself had mild non-allergic reactions to 2 of the 4 shots I've had. The first Astrazenica shot was the worst, with 2 days off work, but I chalk it up to an immune response to a new pathogen. Exactly what it's supposed to be doing. 2nd AZ shot - nothing, then Pfizer, reaction again, though much milder.

I recently had an allergic reaction to a common drug. Very different experience.

I have not had COVID.

Edit: That is to say, both things are responses but an anaphylaxic reaction is not the same as an anti-body reaction.