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I did a lot of testing on this because of a problem I was having with a TV. So I was testing wired vs wireless on my FIOS. I get screaming down speeds (800mb/s+) wired. Running ASUS Mesh wi-fi 6 I get 300mb down and just about the same up.

Good sized house, 3 TVs all wireless and tones of devices.


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I ain't gonna argue with the love of beef, but..

  1. Bad pie chart (too many values for readability)
  2. Black backgrounds are a design I am constantly telling my teams to avoid (feels like 2004 design)
  3. There's no takeaway (what am supposed to be learning from this? Maybe it's the ubiquity of Korean beef?)

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Finger Lakes region in NY state. The state park at Watkins Glen and the Corning Museum of Glass. Yep, don't sleep on the Corning Museum of Glass... crazy good and under the radar.


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Disagree on the school district. Our valedictorian last year is now at Harvard, 2nd is at Brown University, Villanova ,U Penn, you name it. Granted, some schools are better than others, but most of the bias is due to...well, bias. Kids who want to do well, do well. Others, whose parents aren't engaged...don't. These are truths in every school district.


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I have peeps right on that block near Elmwood Park. That's a nice spot. E. Norriton less risky, with nicer housing stock. Our home value is way up over past few years. I think that's the wrong way to think about it, but I get it.

Our kids have done great in Norristown schools but there's a lot of poor families who aren't engaged in their kid's education. Our valedictorian last year went to Harvard, 2nd went to Brown University, and so on. Kids do fine here if they want to. Rest of the hype is just people being uncomfortable in majority black/brown schools. Yeah, I said it.

PM if you wanna chat.


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Fair enough. I just think it is the researcher's responsibility to understand if the definitions of "gun violence" and general reporting trends are directionally consistent across countries. If there are significant differences, then make some adjustments to the include/exclude rules and state them for your readers. If you don't do that, then we just spiral down into whataboutism in the thread. Also, we can't collectively draw any conclusions from your otherwise good work. Thanks for doing this.