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I will absolutely keep that in mind! I think in 2 months she will be at the 6 month mark! So far she’s been really good about being brushed gently with a slicker brush but I’m going to switch over to that ferminator one, it looks a lot nicer! 🙏


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Thank you so much for the advice! I haven’t been giving her anything outside her kitty food, but I’m glad to know that milk isn’t a good idea! I did watch a couple Jackson Galaxy videos and he said that too! I had no idea kitties couldn’t process lactose! 🙏 I appreciate your comment, thank you very much! 🖤


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Thank you so much for letting me know!! I will be checking under her arms more often just in case! Have you tried doing the wet tooth brush thing? I saw online some cats like that since it felt similar to being licked on the forehead! 😭🥹