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You said fantasy army, i gave you one.

Why do orcs don't bother with Formations or disipline? because their bloodthristy monsters. and magic of course. Born already stronger and tougher then mortal men.

See the problem i have with promts like this is that while i like my leigons and tactics there is, of course, the obvious problem that magic and raw might are something that needs to be taken into account.

a small groups vs a horde of tolkien-equie orcs with magic? a slaugther


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The Orc Shaman laughed and began to tear out the silly human's heart, devouring it infront of his captured comrades.

"Blood Hawks for most, the butcher to the others."

Humans had tactics, but raw might and might was all the orcs needed. They could work, but they didn't have their own mages... the best ambushes, of course, were the ones were they had no chances of the others.

The armor would be taken and strung with their bones, used to forge darker and crueler weapons. The forges of the Orcs needed warming as well... perhaps, the Shaman thought, looking to his 'meal' their bones would make better kindling.


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Yeah Knightmares were inspired by Stands. I've been working on the idea for this urban fantasy story but i am worried about accusations of 'ripping off' but... i hope it's different enough.

With Magical Girls however you're a lot more free to mess around with concepts


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Dreams and Nightmares, the two sides of the human consciousness. Dreams were possibilities, things that gave the mind a rest and to help it focus; to keep someone continuing, giving them goals, to become something more then what they were. My mom made a pact with Aseil, something that created dreams and gave them to right rouge dream beings. She became the legendary Dream Defender Leonine...

My dad wasn't like that. He was a Knightmare User; Aseil's sister created them, meant to teach people fear, to warn them of the future... but in reality, she just existed. They were flaws someone had; His Knightmare was a creepy moth man, with four arms and gleaming red eyes it stood as tall as a person... he was never most social and had bad luck...

They met in the hospital when they were kids, and they met their partners on the same night during a Dreamtide they became fast friends and eventually they were married.

But mom didn't... fully recover...


My name is Makoto Kusenagi. My hair is short and dyed blonde, my face looks like it's always scowling, my eyebrows are too big, and i wear a leather jacket over mu uniform. I carry around a bat and come from the bad part of town. No one really wants to know me...

But eversince my mom died... I met my pal Roosevelt. He looks like a teddie bear usually, and i kept him in my backpack just in case. And if any dumbass wants to make fun of me for it, then he turns into a bear wearing a crown and scepter and that usually makes them not want to question it.

With him, i can become Dream Defender Ursinine. My dress is bright pink princess outfit, my hair is long and blonde, and my bat becomes a scepter worthy of a queen.

you might think I would hate it but...


it makes me smile, no one judges me anymore; people don't look at me like I'm some punk...

Dad still finds it funny though, but to be honest he wouldn't get it. Knightmares can't be seen by other people not connected to the dream worlds. Dream Defenders are seen... well, not really; We're what we want to be, deep down in our hearts. I liked Creeper, don't get me wrong he is an extension of my dad, in a way, but not everyone could see him and those that did were Dream-possed or other knightmare users... or us.

So it was today, in my bright and fluffy magical girl dress that he tried to help me with being a dream defender. Neo Yankai had a few, but... well, our family is one that works together.

Creeper is a good spy; my dad tells me he sees our target.

"You ready, Makoto?"

I smiled. "your damn right..."


"C'mon dad, just because I look like this doesn't mean i can't be cool."

Creeper fluttered top of a lamppost and snickered. Roosevelt shook his head. "It's okay Ursinine, he just wants the best for ya."

"yeah yeah..."

... I missed mom, but... I still have my dad. And so long as i have that I can make this work.


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The Supervillians weren't merciful to Bob Hebert.

They played games with Heroes, most of who are trying to help people or at least limit the damage. But villains don't care really; they are the cause of 99% of damages.

Hence why they are villains.

While defending yourself is appropriate going out of your way to hubt down criminal without powers is dangerous. Murdering Destructonator might be valid... but evil doesn't care.

It found Bob. it Found Bob's Family...

What villians like Hellspawn, Blooddrinker and MEGASPIKE did to the family was horrific. They made an example of him and his family... They're still alive, but the scares never left.

This is why the code exists. while they were eventually caught and tired, heroes don't bring the law into their own hands for a reason. They are bound to the 'game' as it where.

Remember, this is why Heroes exist; to help get justice, to help repair the destuction villians cause due to their desire to hurt people.

You are not a villian, but eneither are you a superhero.


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Witches were not to be bargined with; some claimed they made deals with an otherworldly patron or the fae. some said they WERE Fae. The Truth, no one could say, not even witches. They were simply witches. They did magic and could make bargains with others but their desires were ont the same as humans.

So she took the infant boy from the Kingdom of St. Paprica, and raised him. The Kingdom thought this a wise move, because the female heads of the kingdom (far easier to track compared to a kingdom they claimed and kept the woman at the head honest as the first female child would always be the heir)

But that was not why she took him; it was his blood. Being the Witch of Blood, she understood blood in every sense.


"Tch, Sanguine you've had this done to you a hundred times before."

he was 17 now. Sanguine grew up well in those 17 years; tall, but very skinny without his mother (his true mother, far as they both cared). Still he never really liked it when she needed his royal blood for something. "Mom, you never get the blade quite right."

"oh hush." She said. She looked like a woman in her late fourties; Shorter then her son with hair and eyes the color of her epithet, she watched as his Kingsblood mixed with the blood of lions and ancient redwoods. "The Blood of the Kings of all true Kingdoms: Man, Beast and plant, together in a potion of strength. Just enough for your Journy to face your Mother and Sisters." She grinned. "Don't want you to run into any trouble while you're there after all~"

he frowned. "Wait if it's my Blood then why did you need it to mix in there?"

"because Sanguine, i don't know if you're going to give me grandchildren with some noble floozy. You must be careful with them; human women aren't as kind and gentle as I have been with MY bladework."

"... I'll take your word for it. I just want to ask why and hear it from their mouths."

"They don't' care, I can assure you... but at least get your sister's friendship. that Bitch of a Queen didn't care much about me, until i helped her armies against the Demon Lord." She smiled. "But she did pay me with something more valuable than she could imagine."

"Which was?"

"Heh, forget i said anything. Good luck with then, my dear little prince."


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Miles sat back and sipped his drink. Ah... this was the life... and yet he wasn't happy quite yet not really. Helena had cost him something far too valuable...the world far too valuable.

That Foghorn Leghorn wannabe was still out there, but there was nothing he could do against the actual police force. The investigation quickly proved him (at least, in the destruction of the Glass Onion and the Mona Lisa) as a victim. his 'friends' (the backstabbing bastards that they were) quickly betrayed one another after their supposed little pact there in the ruins; Helen tried to kill them too, after all and clearing their names from both a murder of someone too stupid to set up a twitch channel and the destruction of a work of art was... poetry.

Miles would admit, privately that mister Southern-fired asshat was smarter than he was... but you didn't need brains to win, just a cool head and a good lawyer. The Insurance on the Glass Onion alone made back his fortune, as did Helena\'s sudden bad press, and now with Klear in the clear, his future was set.

He decided to Fax the Great Defective with one last thank you, just a glass onion with Mile's face there in the center. He wasn't smart; he was petty though, and he had won.


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I'm glad you liked it!

I get what the promt wanted but... honestly for me i like thinking about the 'reality' of it. Magical Girls to me always represent hopes, dreams, and idealism so i thought it would fit


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People underestimate the Magical Girl. They either think them soft because of their mercy or weak because they are usually mere children given comsic power...

Neither is correct, at least for any who don't dig deeper.

Mercy is not weakness and any who think so are the most deserving of it, even if they would reject it. Mercy is not the same as forgiveness, it is an opportunity to make up for it. While some are more childish than others is it not a miracle that despite what you have done to them and others they offer you a chance to be better than the being you were before?

The Power is given to children to teach them this; adults tend to be too... what's the word? Cynical. Some can hope, some are still children at heart yes but growing up removes perhaps the most human part of us, the innoccent part; that their is such a thing as good and anyone can try. Some children can be cruel, mind you, but that does not mean they always are nor that they cannot be better.

Is that not what it takes? - Glynda, Goddess of Dreams and hope


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"Well, so did God... and yet it is always a turn." The old man replied. "God made man, man loved Him, but he still chose to reject God and perfection. Man rejected the Perfect creator."

"That seems... odd."

"Indeed it is. And Mankind regretted it. Fathers and sons have issues as well, mother and daughters, and everything in-between... just making something doesn't mean you will always love it or it will love you. Time... Time is the greatest test of everything." He smiled. "you were built to last... i hope you love me for as long as you do."

"I-I will try." She replied back.


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People don't understand how curses work.

Yes, Matti wanted to be a dragon... and now he was one in new york. Kaijus of course aren't too common so Matti ended up under lock and key somewhere in Area 77. They don't have much to etnertain them; just a big tv. don't have games for something that size and theirnot allowed out too often.

After all their massive.

coruse the funny thing is that it spreads. a lot of peopel with ancestry from Europe (the eastern dragons can take human form... they're just insufferable) began taking the shape of dragons. whether it's magic or ancestry or a curse no one is sure but it's... odd.

some are lucky to be able to communicate. others go feral, insane...

sadly, these days were not built for dragons.


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"Probably." Miss Winterbun said with a sigh. 'but that's the magic of the written word isn't it? Someone can come away with something you didn't intend."

I nodded. "I suppose it's just... annoying sometimes."

"Well, it's not like i'm asking you to tell me the secrets of your works." She winked. "See, this is an extreeme example of what you can do and what books can do for others; people can come to completely different conclusions then what you intended and fijnd ways to have them make sense... perhaps this is just human nature but it helps for people to grow and change and challenge themselves."

She looked me. "Write what you want, but once it's out in the public your audience will have a lot of fun."

"I'm already published." I pointed out and she laughed.

"I know, but you have more and more books to right, i hope. You're only ten."


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Robin handed the reings back to King Richard the Lionhearted who had returned from the crusade, happy that the land was defended by such brave and slawart heroes and the church of our Lord and Savior.

"My friends" Richard said with a smile.' You boy to no one. youa re pardon from our crimes, but tyrants will always be out there and should i become one... i hope you would show me the same treatement."

and thus the Bow of Robin hood formed; a band of 'outlaws' who would ensure the king would be just, but... hwho woudl watch them?