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This is in reference to the post regarding workers in the service industries, correct? Because I sympathize with this stance.


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I worked for harmony house for awhile so I have seen how hard it is to find shelter. I understand the troubles with this community, but there has to be a better solution. Who owns the bible Baptist college? It's been vacant and there are dormitories. This is necessary.


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Hey I'm not sure what you could do about him. There are very few options especially if he is unwilling to commit himself ... But if you are in fear and have children I would suggest contacting Harmony House. Even if you are not looking for shelter, they will record your situation and offer you what resources they can think of. They will have much better information than any of us on Reddit.


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I am totally fine with this. The homeless situation on commercial is nothing compared to downtown now. Anything south of downtown is just vape shops carwashes and strip malls...