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The PS3 was ancient when TLOU released, most devs could push it to the max by then.

It was also a single architecture.

A PC configuration can be virtually limitless. While that's good, it's also the Achilles heel. Me? I haven't had any real issues with the game. But I'm also playing on an nVidia driver that's way out of date, and the game complains about it at startup. But I guess if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it.


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Because you are an intelligent and reasonable person.

I used to be Republican because like a lot of us, that's what people around me were. I came a voting age at the end of Reagan's administration. So I voted for Bush senior.

Fast forward to the next election, I was in college and Bill Clinton came and spoke. I was interested, so I went. He sat there and actually talked to us, he answered questions. I didn't necessarily agree with everything he said, but he made me feel like if he got into office my future would be better. After that, I immediately switch my voter registration to independent, and it's been there ever since.

Forward a few more years, and I remember a few times where I actually left a job and had a better paying one the very next day. Meanwhile, Republicans were wasting my tax money with their bullshit Whitewater investigation that led to us hearing about a bj. Nothing but a bunch of clowns.

I've said it before, I say it now, and it holds true. If all you do is vote for someone based on party affiliation, you are nothing more than a slave.


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I love the PA canyon. I bike tour it regularly, from Jersey Shore up to Wellsboro and camp halfway in between.

Then I'll ride up to the overlook, which is quite a haul on a loaded touring bike. Take one of the twisty service roads back down into the canyon and enjoy the waterfalls along the way.

The best part is the serenity. Cell phone stops working about 10 mi in.


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Scientifically the argument can be made there's 3, xx, xy, and xxy since 1 in every 600 people are born xxy. Physically they are male, but can have features like breast tissue which a true male will not.

There's also karyotypes of mixed chromosome pairs, and let's not forget divisions of the ovum that can result in two separate fertilized ova which is very common. Those ova often re-fuse, and a person can be born with both xx and xy chromosomes if the separate ova were fertilized by an x and a y sperm. This results in things like having a vagina but testicles instead of ovaries. Or having a penis where the clitoris is.

What sex is that?

We could also go on at length about SRY during meiosis, resulting in both testicular and ovary tissues being simultaneously present.

Biology is messy. Individuals are born every single day with the above mentioned. That isn't in their head, it's in their chromosomes. An actual biology teacher should know this.

If not, then they should be shown the door.


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Jersey Shore is on the south end, Wellsboro is on the north end. Cedar Run Inn is smack in the middle of the Pine Creek Trail.

Normally I bike the trail and take two days up, two days back. The trail is 72 miles so it's 30 some miles per day.

Cedar run is right on the trail, so take bikes and bike some of the trail. Ansonia Valley inn is also near the trail, about halfway between Cedar Run and Wellsboro.