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There's a million games where you have effectively infinite ammo. The RE series specifically avoids this so that shooting everything isn't a viable option.


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I was playing on my girlfriend's overwatch account one time. She doesn't play shooters very much and I've been playing them since I was like 10 years old. The difference in skill in the lobbies I was getting was overwhelming. These were people who had trouble with basic mouse movement and controls. I was destroying the entire team by myself, they literally couldn't do anything to stop me. If every game was like that, I'd imagine a lot of people would just stop playing.


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> Notably, the new study was not able to tease out whether different types of cannabis use — such as consuming edibles versus smoking weed, for example — made a difference in a person’s risk of developing CAD.

This is an important factor. Everyone knows smoke of any kind is harmful, but there are many ways to consume MJ without smoking it these days