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That’s why I called it the American solution.

I assumed the EU would have some mechanism in place to make it viable, but damn, just checked the one way rental prices from Calais to Spain (didn’t even think about the left/right driving), and the rental fee is 65USD/day, but a one-way fee of $978 and $208 in sales tax. For a Fiat 500 manual….

I see now.


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Do you by any chance have a dishwasher or something that uses hot water scheduled to run at this time? I discovered with my boiler when it is really cold, if I am running hot water for a shower or something, its not heating my radiators during that time. During our christmas cold snap when it was like -1 outside with high winds, in the time it took 3 people to take showers we lost 10 degrees inside. As soon as the showers were done temp started clawing its way back.


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Martin does not owe anything. Rothfuss on the other hand… he promised in 2009 Kingkiller was completely written and would be released at the rate of one book per year. Add on to that he conned a lot of people in donating to his charity promising content arriving by Feb 2022 at the latest, that has still not materialized.


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The ice sheet is up to 3 miles deep. Antarctica is also a desert getting less than 2 inches of precipitation a year. Also, the glacial ice flows out. Imagine pouring something very viscous, like honey on top of a bowling ball. That kind of like how continental glaciers flow.

So as the ice flows out, the annual sheet accumulation thins out, to where 1 year’s worth of accumulation can be like 1mm thick. And those layers can be read like tree rings for the age in an ice core.


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The cheap way? take some sandpaper to the inner ring to rough it up and increase surface area. Take a rag soaked in water, preferably without a neutral PH and rub it around the inner hole for about 5 minutes, resoaking the rag every minute or so. This will help dissolve the feldspars in the granite. Immediately after while still wet, stick it in the freezer for an hour. Pull it out and let it come to room temp. The water will have soaked into the areas of dissolved feldspars, frozen, expanded, and chipped out undissolved material. Repeat this process about 50 to 100 thousand times, and you will probably get close to the 2" diameter.

Or get a stone router bit like these and work the inner circle until its the desired diameter.