ShadowTacoTuesday t1_ja33nm3 wrote

Very helpful thank you. It should still be fresh though. I remember when I always got fresh tuna straight from the fisherman and ate it raw. Then I tried to do the same at a supermarket since I didn’t know any better and it was a rather unpleasant experience. I hope supermarkets are better now.


ShadowTacoTuesday t1_j93sw98 wrote

Honestly I’d just prefer a smaller plate with the rim cut off at this point even if they take very little off the price tag. It just seems so snooty and overdone. How do you even eat the outer rim? Do you smear a single thin petal over it all or do you just ignore it?

I wouldn’t do 15 course tastings often but I at least understand doing it once in a blue moon to try a bunch of different flavors.