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When I trade 0DTE I will be in front of the computer during trading hours to ensure I'm out of trades as quickly as possible when they go against me. The trade execution takes little time. The rest of those days is research and talking shit with other traders. When not trading 0DTE I can do the execution from my phone and only spend a few minutes logging trades later in the day.


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The decision when to close a trade is made before I execute it. Every trade should have a plan, when you will take profit or if you plan to let it run to expiry and most importantly when it goes against you when to cut the losses and live to trade another day


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I started investing with basic stocks and indexes. Options seems scary and inaccessible but with the proliferation and access of information over the last 5 years I simply started dabbling. There are a ton of great (FREE!) resources online. You don't have to pay for information and be cautious of anyone trying to sell a course or strategy to you


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Source: data straight from my brokerage account.

Tools: Google Sheets to compile the data.

Visual created with Sankey in Figma

I have 3 core strategies I deploy on a mostly daily basis. I sell options with the expectation that not all will win. It is a numbers game and the more days I am in the market the more the statistics play out in my favor. I was able to capture nearly 20% of the premium I sold in October which is a little higher than the typical month. My expected capture rate is around 10-15%. In October I had 176 individual trades with a win rate of roughly 72%.