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If you've got a bicycle id honestly recommend just cycling around to the different neighborhoods in the city. There is so many little interesting stores, restaurants, parks, & architecture, to see.

Head on down to long warf and smell the stinky harbour, and food trucks.


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They're the same thing, actually.

As climate change constrains and limits resources ^((uninhbitable land, reduced food production, unpredictable weather harming logistics, etc.)) Coroporations and governments come into more and more competition over them. When you pair a shareholder-capitlaism economic model that demands infinite growth, with a world of shrinking resources, you inevitably create conflict.

In that environment, you cannot afford to invest resources in preparation/prevention, because every $ MUST go to shareholder value. So inevitably, you don't manage your risks and then catastrophe strikes becuase climate change has altered the actual risk scenarios.


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>Fine, whatever works.

Great, then drop the 'Assault Weapons ban' rhetoric, because that did not work, and would not be effective today.

Heres a video about an actually viable gun control strategy, based on actual indicators of who the 'Bad Guys' with a gun are.

You may notice that CT implemented points 1 & 2 to some extent in their Sandy Hook reforms.


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I firmly disagree with your claim that state laws don't work.

Here in the northeast, we have stronger gun laws, and we have way fewer firearm deaths per capita, and fewer mass shootings. CT has some of the strictest, and we haven't had a mass tragedy since they were implemented after Sandy Hook.

What gives us the right, to impose our values onto other states 100s to 1000s of miles away?

They're perfectly capable of fixing this problem whenever they want deomcratically... Clearly they don't want to.

You should plan accordingly, and not live there.


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'Assault weapons' do not make up a significant portion of crime. Less than 5% of firearm homicides, in fact i think its closer to 1% last time i checked.

The thing that worked, here in the state of connecticut, was creating a permit process with an educational requirement, and tying all firearm and ammunition sales to a permit/certificate. You know, a vetting process.

I personally find this whole discussion exhausting, because CT already fixed our gun problem 10 years ago. We haven't had another tragedy since then.

Its other states with loose laws having these tragedies, and they will continue until they get their shit together. We already got our shit together.


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I'm still not super sold on the cycletracks, as opposed to normal bike lanes. They create dangerous counter-traffic wherever they end/begin.

But I'll take all the separated bike inrastructure we can get. This addition will work well connected to the new Edgewood Bike lanes.