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Nothing has changed for the Microsoft-Activision merger except for a rumor story on Politico. I don't see why the FTC should block it if Microsoft keeps COD cross-console. Sony has way more and better exclusives, and it wouldn't make Microsoft a monopoly in mobile games. It really would just come down to Lina Khan trying to assert her authority.


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But they're not talking about doing that. They're talking about a city wide ban that would add to congestion. To solve visibility problems, you don't need legislation. You can either remove those corner parking spots like you said, or have city works drive through Cambridge, identify turns with visibility issues, and put "No Turn on Red" signs there.


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Here's my issue with the argument that too much space is dedicated to cars. What do you want there, homes? Clearly you don't want more people coming in to Cambridge if you you're actively making it harder to get here. Businesses? Maybe, but again, less available customers. I think these people just want to keep everyone out so they can have their giant bike paths and farmers markets all to themselves.


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I see some drivers break traffic laws. I see most bicyclists break them. A bike running into a pedestrian won't kill them but has the potential to cause a good chunk of damage. A car would do worse, but I haven't seen a car drive the wrong way down a one way street or barrel down a sidewalk, things I can't say the same for bikes.