Sharcbait t1_j5omxma wrote

It wasn't some well-intentioned "change your life" type of situation. It was like I need to stall for some time while I wait for the bodyguard to roll back up.


Sharcbait t1_j5om867 wrote

In the interview Lou tells it ain't like that.

He says the car jacker recognized him from doing community work and has a mini-breakdown where he says he doesn't have anything and is basically homeless and doesn't even have anything to eat. Lou tells him to meet him at McDonalds and he would buy him anything he wants to eat (just fearing for his own safety and buying time for his body guard to come back)

It's not like Lou was trying to change the world 1 bigmac at a time, he was just trying to distract the dude long enough until the bodyguard could come back.