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Mostly developing countries, China, and India.

But that's only for the oceans. The US puts its plastic waste in landfills instead. And yes, large-scale uses like shipping material is far more than what you use as an individual. Any time I get a pallet of something at work, I have to throw out so much plastic foam. At least we're the end consumer and not repacking it with new material to be shipped out again.


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>It an employers’ need to pay enough to keep employees people decide to to work for someone because the amount they are offering to pay is not enough to live on. The employer needs to up their offering if they want to have employees.

And they can do that by... keeping up with the price of housing.


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And great selection! Liquor stores in MA are tiny and have shit stock. It's always the same Jameson, Captain Morgan, Svedka, and so on. Nothing interesting.

Honestly, liquor should just be sold in grocery stores like other states. It's not an issue. Let there be specialty stores too.


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I volunteer. I promise a light touch, full transparency, and only to step in if people think things are getting out of hand.


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Sounds like perfectly good directions to me. Be glad they're not referencing things that aren't there any more.

Go down past where the Sears used to be, turn left after the house where the Johnsons used to live, if you see the spot where the rusty old trailer was, you've gone too far.