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Ooohhhh okay, are you talking more as a potential President he’s more toxic? What I was referring to earlier was simply on the campaign trail. Altho hindsight 20/20 I failed to make that clear

Trump is a toxic candidate because he’ll give the opposition plenty of ammo to run smear campaigns on the stupid shit he says.

I was thinking Desantis would be less toxic from a campaign standpoint. He’s more stately and a better speaker than Trump imo. Someone you could potentially run an effective campaign behind


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The heavy snow will do that. We lost power for a minute just a little bit ago but overall the grid where I live is very stable. Very few outages and when they do occur it’s not for long thankfully


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I’d look at alternatives regardless of if you decide to go the heat pump route or not

Personal experience: bought my house ~2 years ago and used a little under three tanks of oil for a heating season. Installed a pellet stove this past spring, which I mainly use for heating the home, and haven’t hit half a tank used yet

The pellet stove is paying for itself way earlier than I anticipated. I’m sure people who converted to heat pumps/stoves can say similar things


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Don’t sweat it, prices fluctuate and Zillow isn’t always reliable. Walpole’s a nice town so I expect it’ll only rise for you

You’ve got land, you’re in Walpole, and you’ve got curb appeal. You’ll be fine.

Also, we just had our assessments done. Did you see a noticeable difference between the two?