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I went to the dentist recently and after a mixup with transferring dental benefits it turned out I was uninsured

Cost me $225 for a cleaning and a few xrays


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PMI shouldnt be a dealbreaker imo

We bought our house 2 years ago with 5% down and PMI is only ~$80 a month and only applies until you have at least 20% in equity IIRC

20% of our purchase price would be $44k. We paid $11k instead, and PMI costs is roughly $1k a year. It’ll be off of our payments well before it’s adverse


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Talk to the office first, you can’t be the first person to be away during a storm so I’d be willing to bet they have some sort of solution for you

If not, do you have any friends who own a house with a driveway? Maybe they’d let you keep your vehicle there for a while


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I was told to wait and they’d send me a bill with the new info to use. Bill never came.

After about 2 months I started to get nervous and called them. Person was helpful and got me my info to log in.

The website is pretty slow tho


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There’s another set of French doors on the other side but they’re just screens. Like during the nice weather we can just open those doors and let the fresh air in

I personally would’ve gone a different route given winter alone but I admit, I do like them for the majority of the year


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Weather stripping is essentially non existent.

Replacing the door is potentially a next year thing but I won’t be doing it this year

Door sweep with be a definite for the bottom and I’d rather not put a big, heavy quilt over it since this door is smack dab in the middle of my kitchen. The other door to the deck in the mud room I wouldn’t mind doing that with tho

Thanks for the info!

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