Sheldon_Cooper_1 t1_ixwao3v wrote

Why’s the child here? Because Schumer and the like are on TV promising citizenship, which encourages people to either bring their children or send their children here with traffickers.

Someone not so innocent set the ball on motion.

Amazing how you “sanctuary city” hypocrites think border towns should handle these people, and a bus ride after they walked through Mexico is somehow a hardship.


Sheldon_Cooper_1 t1_ixw9cqk wrote

No, they are here illegally and should immediately be turned around at the border.

Democrats (and Republicans) should be clear that there is NO PATH To citizenship, it would alleviate a lot of suffering if people weren’t traipsing across the Western Hemisphere on foot, with in some cases kids in tow, paying human traffickers for misery in hopes of getting into this horrible racist country.