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You are on coke if you think we will be able to manufacture everything in the universe in our little pods in the 2030s. We gon be able to make suitable spaceships and fockin energy weapons right ? Sure, it’ll do awesome stuff but plz stop acting like it will run smoother than you think this early, there will be limitations as humanity matures but then limitations will shrink once we start terraforming and sucking energy outta stars. The rich are going to kill most of us AND mindupload us. Idk what’s it going to take to believe that. We won’t have to kill many animals anymore if humans die too. We save space and eventually turn ourselves into fucking wires and the process of evolutions starts back over again. Just ask Keanu. “By 2030 you’ll own nothing and be happy” is metaphorical. You’ll own anything you want in the simulations we create.


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Transhumanism is eugenics OP, think about that shit. Yes, people will have the freedom to make their skin darker or lighter, who gives a flying fuck about the real world when you live in the other “real worlds” that fullfill your personal utopia vision. Forget about it, it’s not worth running in circles in your mind.


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“Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory are working on replacing these bar magnets with tiny magnetic vortices, known as skyrmions. These vortices, which are as small as billionths of a meter, form in certain magnetic materials and have the potential to bring about a new generation of microelectronics for memory storage in high-performance computers.”

“We estimate the skyrmion energy efficiency could be 100 to 1000 times better than current memory in the high-performance computers used in research,” McCray said.”