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As usual, an ignorant person has to call names.

I refuse to have an intelligent conversation with an unarmed person..

In a few years, you'll be complaining. I can't tell you how many times my parents were almost hit just walking to their mailbox which is on the same side as their home. Had cars stolen and their home broken into.

You aren't thinking about the already stressed out school system.


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I grew up in north milford. They've bought most of the farms. Put in ugly office buildings and housing developments (people don't realize that the ones they built on east rutland (Lexington Greens) are on swamp!) We used to ice skate there.

Yes. I'd rather see single family, privately owned homes. They tend to care more about where they live and take care of them. I have renters near me and they don't care. Oh they originally say "it's beautiful and quiet" few months later, they throw their papers and bottles on the ground. Play their music so loud it rattles windows. So, more rentals.


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This happened to my family as kids traveling through Indiana. A tractor trailer came buy at a high rate of speed and the trailer went into a swerve. Our car didn't flip but, the trailer was on it's side. Scary for 12 year old me.

I remember Dad always saying "and not one egg broke!"


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And now the mayor wants to put permanent bathrooms and locker rooms on the green for the homeless people who hang out on the green.

The green is supposed to be for gatherings, etc. Not a homeless camp. How could he possibly believe this is good?