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And I view that opinion about quality to be so short sighted. Like, it’s quality today, the technology has functionality been around for what, a year? If we don’t think it’s going to improve, then we’re crazy. I mean, it’s already secretly winning art competitions. That’s quality production


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AI wins art contest in Australia, even the judges couldn’t tell it was AI generated. Right up there with top quality images. So much for all of it being garbage; or is the very best we can do also garbage?


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Is that true if AI Art wins Art Contests? If the AI is able to “beat” real artists in a competition, one where the art is scrutinized for these things… and do it without the competition knowing… Would that not be the pinnacle? Proof that it’s able emulate what we do?


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First people to benefit will be the ultra rich. Let’s be real, None of us normies will ever really be able to afford the treatment; and so the rich will just get richer because they’ll never die, and never have to pass on their wealth through death and inheritance taxes. Meanwhile the rest of us will continue to toil and die.

EDIT: I find it funny that people downvote this, you know damn well I’m right lol. This treatment will be expensive as all hell, and whatever company that’s doing it will want to earn every dollar they can


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I think the big difference here, and I may be wrong. Is that the Combine Harvester really affected ONE industry; Agriculture. At the same time, the Industrial Revolution was ongoing, so factory jobs were emerging. People who lost jobs on farms, moved to cities and found work in factories.

AI will disrupt EVERY industry at once. Lost your job in fast food? Can’t go to a factory. Lost your job as a digital artist? Can’t move to coding, AI is doing that too. Lost your job as a cab driver? Can’t go to a government analyst,AI is writing policy now.

Yes, technological advances have had massive impacts, and generally created more jobs than they removed. But I can’t think of many technological advances that impact so many different job fields at the same time.


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Absolutely not. They already have AI who can write and debug code. You’ll need one human to certify what 10 used to make. Who will repair ai? AI. Why? Because we won’t know how the code works, we didn’t write it.

Perhaps, perhaps there will be an increase in the number of people repairing robots. But I doubt there will be more robot maintenance jobs created than the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of artists, fast food workers, factory workers, drivers, etc. that will be lost.