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Fox News lawyers literally claimed “no reasonable person” should take Tucker Carlson as news, and won their case because the judge agreed his reputation as a lying exaggerating shithead should be enough for people to realize he’s a lying shithead. But that judge clearly overestimated the intelligence of Fox News’ audience.

Also, apparently legal precedent now says as long as you’re such a huge bloviating piece of shit that everyone “reasonable” knows you as such, you can get away with lying on air to millions of people, so they’re not going to stop - they now have a clear incentive to be even worse and keep pushing boundaries that appeal to the dumbest & least reasonable people out there.


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Except that one of those things has already failed repeatedly because nobody wants to use the devices (except a minority for porn & gaming).

It wasn’t customers who said PCs & smartphones & the internet would fail - it was the entrenched business interests that didn’t get it. That’s not the case here.

Customers have been saying “nah” to this concept since Lawnmower Man; since the Oculus roller coaster demo made them throw up; since Google Glass failed spectacularly; since Meta’s nonsense flushed billions down the toilet.

They aren’t “visionaries” - they’re dilettantes with huge egos and way too much money to burn.

Everyone told these same “visionaries” that “smart speakers” were stupid & creepy too, and what happened? After billions wasted on marketing hype all the research recently concluded that yup, the market was right & nobody wants them either! They’re useless baubles.

AR has some potential w/HUDs & interaction with the real world … VR Meta Ready Player One BS like what’s shown in this mockup will never happen until climate change or war renders life on earth’s surface impossible.


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Always funny to hear the media talk about this “Bolsonaro was an Army Captain so the military supports him …”

He was in for ~15yrs and didn’t make it beyond Company Grade Officer. He never had any serious responsibility and was effectively booted out for insubordination and a potential terrorist plot! Dude was a shit officer and an alleged traitor.

He’s a useful idiot and a puppet for other hardline right-wingers. Not some beloved military hero.