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Only a five and a half mile detour one way!

The Yellow follows RT-128 which would make detouring to Forest Hills pretty absurd. This map decided to put the inner ring along the 47 Bus instead of the 66, so there's a pretty big gap between the Silver and the Yellow.


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A ghost kitchen is a place that only operates on the delivery apps and has no physical storefront. They usually operate out of other restaurants or just non-retail kitchens.

It'd be more accurate to say that Cafe Sushi is a take out restaurant indefinitely since they still have a real world presence.


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I do not see the word Boston anywhere in OP. Even if this was in Boston, recommending somewhere in JP as a replacement for a lunch spot in the North End would be inappropriate.

I honestly don't think Dave's Fresh is a bad suggestion, but your reply that everything here must be viewed from the perspective of Boston proper is just wrong.


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My dude, the paper was published in Harm Reduction, of course it's part of the harm reduction movement.

That conclusion unfortunately was only looking at the problem from the drug users and the harm reduction stand point and really ignores the property owners view. The take away from many of the interviews was, "I'd avoid the blue lights unless I really needed a spot, then I'd use it anyway and it's be more dangerous for me to inject without seeing right." Which has obvious negatives for those two parties, and quite a positive effect for the store owner.


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It's a chicken and egg problem.

Our city nightlife is structured to wrap up around midnight, so why would we run empty trains in the middle of the night?

Our trains all end at midnight, so why would places stay open later than that?

I honestly think extending T hours is the wrong first step. It's expensive, poor service, and has big trade offs for maintenance. The easiest thing we can do is stop arbitrarily making businesses close early. If a taco place wants to serve until 4am let them.


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Not enough room to keep the median and two lanes and still accommodate parking, bike lane and the buffer. You can't sacrifice the buffer since otherwise people will exit their cars directly into the bike lane.