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That's just it, when it was a party town most spring breakers either brought their own liquor and didn't visit many establishments or they only bought the cheapest, bottom shelf shit.

Add to that they would regularly break the rules with hotels and pack as many people as possible to reduce the cost.

As a resident, Spring Break is so much better than it used to be.


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There's a reason Ft. Lauderdale worked very hard to stop being a spring break destination of Ft Liquordale.

At the time lots of bars/people were pissed but after highlighting the costs of cleanup and everything else once the spring breakers left, it turned out to be a good move because Spring Break families (people with money) flocked to Ft. Lauderdale and kept it nice-ish and Spring Breakers (the ones with less money) went to Panama City and Miami and didnt' keep it so nice.


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Our CEO was called out recently for forcing everyone back for a minimum of 3 days a week but hasn't been in the office three days a week this year.

He said his role required him to be out more which didn't land like he thought when several people said "you told us that wasn't a valid excuse"


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You're talking local and sure if you have enough people, money, and professions(i.e. lawyers) willing to put in the work and for years, sure you can get shit done. My community was able to stop a planned roadway expansion behind it but took 7 years and nearly every lawyer living there to help throw their weight in for many years.

But again, that's local and in small areas. Start trying to get cities, counties, and states to do that and consistently.

I worked with multiple State DOTs and my stories here in Florida DOT are the same in at least 30 other states.

Small municipalities (even business owners)can be a huge fuckin thorn in state projects, especially roadway widening but to do it across the board and constantly and definitely where infrastructure is concerned.... good luck without metric fuck ton of work and the need to have huge portions of the community and frankly most people are too busy working to even know what's going on .


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Having worked for state and local government your kind of thinking is NOT rewarded.

And often your concerns are ignored multiple times and you're told "Just do what we said".

Don't get me started on projects that require municipalities, the state, and the federal government to work together.

Also municipalities often use money in ways that has the shortest ROI. We, the state, told one that we'd be redesigning the medians in the next month so they need to hold off on planting their new landscaping plans. They did it anyway because they knew that not only could they get the state to reimburse them for that, but sue the state and get more money to do whatever they wanted as it was likely not earmarked.

Oh and that municipality blamed the state for everything and the city council members used it as reelection fodder.


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Okay so I got some details off because I actually don't live there but family was giving me a play by play... apparently officers showed up to interview the son.


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One of the longest, deadliest standoffs in my hometown happened after a "model citizen" father flipped his shit when he found out CPS was investigating his son for abuse towards the kids in their foster care.

One phone call giving him the heads up the police were coming and he decided to shoot the first officer that showed up and her partner.


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Most of the students and some teachers said exactly what it was. I mean like you said you just know.

Where administrators were coming from was in the off chance someone used the eggs to hide the smell of something else. Basically an abundance of caution. We used to do that in the early 90s


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I mean if it was a rotten one then that description isn't too far off.

In middle school some kids thought it'd be hilarious to throw a dozen rotten eggs into the air return of the school. Clear the fucking building OUT in under 10 minutes. Also got the bomb squad and several other authorities involved due to them thinking it was a chemical attack.


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I had a co-worker spout a conspiracy theory that would've required THOUSANDS of people to be in on it and he saw it as quite legit.

I asked him if his family had any secrets and he replied "Yes, of course" and I then I said "Do you know any you're not supposed to?" and he said "A few, yes". I hit him with "If the people in your family that want a secret can't keep it as such, how do you think thousands of strangers would do so?"

He hoped on the "Well they'd all be killed or dead if they said anything...". I tapped out.