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You were legally intoxicated and not in a position to consent to the charges, and the club knew that. They tried to get you to take the drugs as part of a credit card scam. You should absolutely see a lawyer and see what you can do. I would imagine the club would rather refund the charges than get raided and charged with serious drug and fraud crimes.


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Good graph, but metro by metro would be a better indicator. Statewide housing prices don’t tell you a lot - New York state for example varies hugely by neighborhoods within New York City versus different suburbs versus rural areas versus other cities like Buffalo.


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If you’re American, it isn’t tax fraud as long as you report your income honestly. If you really have to work there and don’t have an alternative, then keep careful records of what you are paid, and just report that on your tax forms - the fraud comes when people are paid cash or run a cash business and then don’t report most of it and instead report an income that’s much lower than they really made.


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Index funds are a good idea, from companies like Vanguard. It’s a fund that just owns a tiny piece of 500 or 1000 different companies, so it basically goes up with the stock market and you don’t have to worry about picking individual stocks from specific companies that might go up or down. The stock market has always been a good long-term investment.

Do not invest in bitcoin or other crypto - it’s all a scam.