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Siberian Huskies, one of the dog breeds that lots of people compare to wolves, tend to weigh about 35-60 lbs, depending upon various factors.

Alaskan Malamutes, a similar breed with a distinct origin have a large range of sizes, but can span anywhere from 65 lbs on the low end to 130 lbs on the high end, with some truly exceptional individuals reaching 150 lbs. For the record, those 150 lbs dogs are some of the largest in the world, both due to height, weight, and fur mass.

Northwestern Wolves (the generally accepted largest subspecies) dwarf Malamutes, averaging 120 lbs and topping out at a whopping 175 lbs for the largest verified specimen on record.

TL;DR: Wolves are big, yo


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We just read the judge's decision. It's over a period of one month. And it's clear that she was being deceptive in some way from the evidence provided, as she kept offering new excuses that changed the nature of what she was claiming every time she was presented with evidence challenging her previous excuse.

Also, this is in Canada, so we're less familiar with the specifics of the laws there. It does, however, present a nasty precedent for companies to take advantage of even in dissimilar situations.


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The whole point of Schrödinger's Cat is to point out that the Copenhagen interpretation allows an obviously absurd situation to occur, so that interpretation must be incorrect, and instead, something like Many Worlds, Superdeterminism, or another theory must be correct (despite the anachronism, he knew Copenhagen was wrong, but not what was right).


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Reply to comment by chrisfyb in TIFU by taking two edibles by Titanwaves

Yeah. There's some room to play with that once you have some experience with that specific edible, but with anything that you haven't already used enough before to understand its characteristics, you really need to dedicate 8-12 hours to each dose attempt to be safe.

There's a specific gummy that we use regularly that we'll take 15mg, then once we feel it hit a specific point in the high (usually 3-4 hours in) , take another 5mg so as to keep a certain level of high going for significantly longer. But that kind of thing requires understanding how that edible affects your body.


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Definitely! See if you can find some 2.5mg gummies (they do exist), and try taking, one night at a time, 5mg, 7.5mg, 10mg, and 12.5mg on a full stomach. You might not feel the 5mg or 7.5mg, but you should definitely feel the others, and can use that to gauge future doses.


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Yeah, in the future, we recommend 2 hours before you consider taking another one. We've found that depending upon a variety of factors including how recently you've eaten, it can take anywhere from 30 to 120 minutes for the dose to hit you.

You definitely don't want to be high in public until you're a bit more comfortable with it, as it can be a very disorienting experience, as you found out.


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Adding some minor sub points to further clarify:

  1. Both baby girls and baby boys speak about the same amount on average

  2. The distribution of talkative-to-non-talkative for babies appears to be generally independent of gender, i.e., there are approximately as many very talkative boys as there are very talkative girls, and approximately as many not very talkative boys as there are not very talkative girls.

As a further clarifying side note, for anyone else who stumbles upon this, the girls have, on average, larger vocabularies, which means they know a larger number of words, but they don't, again on average, speak a larger number of times per day.