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Make the video 19-45 seconds long with two-part text. Add the right hashtag/description to get it categorized as Crime and Book related. Then have your main account and 10-15 friends like the video, comment on it, and reshare it.

That’ll be enough to put it on several strangers people’s for-you page who have an interest in Crime and Book categories.


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All of my suits are made to measure and it is absolutely worth it. For $400-$500 you have a garment that fits PERFECTLY, and that’s what makes it look good. A $100 jacket with $100 of tailoring will always look better than a $1000 off the rack.

It is however a skill and a profession so I would not recommend trying to make your own clothes unless you’re doing as a hobby rather than to have nice things.


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There is a small cottage industry of modifying these and old S&W revolvers to shoot 32 center fire so they can be used with the Colt 32 rounds that still get made in collector batches.

But it seems a shame to pay a $500 to ruin an antique just to have a gun that shoots worse than a modern $400 22.


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That article says that bacteria may be the source of nucleation to form rain, absolutely nothing about whether a rain dance and kick ground-born bacteria/particles the needed 6,500 feet (1.2 miles) into the air to interact with rain clouds.

Use your brain


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It’s definitionally correlational since you cannot (ethically) make changes in someone’s brain and test the resulting changes in their personality/cognition to prove causation. One can only say things like “there is correlation between the trait of impulsivity, as measured by personality test xyz, and lower activity levels in the prefrontal cortex.”

As for it being controversial, a quick Google search will get you a host of articles.


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Fluid intelligence is a term created in the 1950s in the field of psychometry which is a controversial branch of psychology focused an attaching quantifiable measurements to psychological characteristics. It’s controversial because it’s based entirely on correlation and there is no way to demonstrate that the characteristics are actually caused by the thing being measured.

Fluid intelligence is one half of a theory of intelligence put forward in the 60s which posited that general intelligence can be reduced into two subcategories: fluid intelligence which is the ability to solve novel problems and crystalized intelligence which is the capacity to store and execute known solutions to a problem.

Creativity is not a part of that model.