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Yes, but it is entirely possible for more than one city to have poor air quality at the same time. Not being the worst doesn't make a bad one any better.

China was an interesting case. Beijing is a communist country and they were able to absolutely shut things down hard for the Olympics to reduce pollution. When the games were over it went right back up to their usual horrible levels.

Interestingly, there was a study done about the effects of the sudden drop in pollution on residents and their metabolite levels before and after.


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Fun O.C. story (I worked that show the first two seasons).

After Season 1 wrapped up Ben was a bit full of himself. He was the star of a hit show and he was starting to believe the hype. It was sad because he was a really nice dude and it was going to his head.

Fast-forward to the beginning of Season 2 after a nice long hiatus. We were chatting about his big trip to China and he goes, "No one knew me. I mean no one. They'd never even heard of the show. Couldn't care less. I suddenly realized this could all go away in an instant."

It was really cool to see him dodge that industry bullet. He had an epiphany and any inflated ego he'd been building was gone. So glad he's gone on to have a great career.