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I’m not. I’m saying that it opens a new revenue stream that used to be in limbo of wanting but not needing the feature. It opens up the package to more consumers and is just a smart business decision.

Again, if you’d prefer not to subscribe you’re still more than welcome to purchase the feature outright — it just doesn’t make sense to 60% of BMW owners who own their cars for 5 years or less.


Shopped_For_Pleasure t1_itztw3j wrote

You realize you can like… unsubscribe to the features when you don’t want them anymore, right?

The seat price is a $400 option, but a subscription to the seat is $18 a month (these are real numbers btw). If your area is cold for 3 months a year, you would need to keep the car for 8 years for it not to be worth it to subscribe to the seats themselves.


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I don’t understand why people are so bothered by the option of subscription based seat heating.

If you live in a city that’s cold for maybe 1–3 months a year, why would you want to pay for the heaters in its entirety? You’re saving money by paying for a month or so of heaters. Similarly, you are able to “buy out” the feature. It’s not like they locked it entirely. If you have such a hard on for owning them in a conventional way, you’re still able to do just that.

The only people who are truly hurt by this is the segment of consumers obsessed with one-upping people with a similar model minus X feature.