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> I had an exhausting number of conversations with confused product managers, engineers and marketing managers on “No, we’re not using ChatGPT”.

They use your conversations for further training which means if you use it to help you with proprietary code or documentation, you're effectively disclosing that.


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My biggest pet peeve with chatGPT is how sanitized it is. I want a chat bot i can experiment with. I want a chat bot that will argue why the earth should be destroyed by an asteroid. Can SOTA LLM's do that?

In terms of GPU compute, I'd highly recommend Paperspace's $40 a month pro plan. You get access to these GPU's for free and your instances live for up to 6 hours with your files and storage persisting between runs. Though, capacity is limited on higher end GPU's but you can reliably get at least an A5000 at most times. So I'm happy to help with processing power.