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I was saying under a raised floor (you said over, but not sure if just a typo). Also want to make sure you know I wasn't calling your skills or the kitty's safety into question. :)

I like the way you did the LED strands. I'm a big fan of "keep it simple" and the screws work perfectly. The whole electrical setup looks really well done. (Personally if I had already done all that I wouldn't be thinking of making any big changes either. haha)

Crazy that that little strand of lights is increasing the temperature that much. I'm sure the little guy is nice and toasty and very grateful.


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Looks like the floor of the actual enclosure is raised off the ground? If there is any space underneath you can put the lights there.

Many people do this with enclosures (strays, chickens, etc.) because heat rises up through the floor. It also keeps the light source away so the animal doesn't touch it (probably not an issue with your LEDs though). And of course also because it allows it to be dark for the animals.


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A 20# tank is about 4.6 gallons so even at 70% you'd have about 3.2 gallons. More than the 2 gallons you used.

That's a pretty thin margin though so I would suggest you find a supplier in your area with 40 or 50 # tanks. That way if you have a cold snap you won't have to run out in the middle of it to refill. Also shouldn't be too large so that you have an issue transporting it.


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Interesting! I'm from the mid-atlantic US and we always said "jerry-rigged". I just looked it up and found this:

>The word jerry-rigged may be a blend of jury-rigged and jerry-built, or it may be a variant pronunciation or spelling of jury-rigged. Jerry-rigged is found by the late 19th-century.

> In everyday speech, the word jerry-rig is widely used, though some sticklers insist that it’s incorrect. It’s sometimes used in journalism as well. Its definition is the same as jury-rigged.

So I'd say you are more correct than I since "jerry-rigged" seems to be derived jury-rigged and jerry-built (never heard that one). although jerry-rigged has been used since at least the late 1800's, it's probably more regional and hasn't been used as long as jury-rigged.

Glad to have left my earlier comment, learned something new today! :)