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Dunno. Like China and Russia there is a strong desire within India to weaken the West's control over the world's financial systems. The sort of financial leverage they see us trying to use against Russia is what they fear could be used against them. Thats what lead them to join in the founding of BRICS which was, and maybe is, still making progress despite Russia's attempt to derail the project.


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The best weapon they could get against China would be Russia.

China with a dependent Russia is energy and food secure within a decade. American plans for a naval blockade are nullified by Russia's extensive rail and pipe networks.

China without Russia is reliant on the seas highways to import energy and food. It is still vulnerable to blockade. Further more, Russia's rail network can be used to transport troops right to China's back door threatening them with a second front.


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It's interesting. This article refers to him as an FSB agent looking to dodge the draft which is pretty funny given that the FSB are running the draft.

Novaya Gazeta (Russian opposition paper .. EIC is last years nobel peace price winner) listed this guy as FGS (or FSO) which is distinct to the FSB (The FSO's most well known tasks are providing protection details for politicians and controlling the nuclear briefcase)

Novaya Gazeta source


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The article is wrong, he wasn't FSB he was FGS (or FSO).

FGS pffocer who escaped Russia to Kazakhstan to be deported to home country Yearning for asylum

The difference? While the FSB, in addition to being the secret service, is basically running the mobilization and as such is exempt to it (which should be a good clue as to why this guy can't be FSB). The FGS, or Federal Guard Service, is involved in providing protection for politicians and controlling the nuclear briefcase.