SigmaLance t1_jacxliu wrote

They have done this with their iPad lineup as well which means there is absolutely no reason one iPad should have a nerfed USB C port, but the other iPads don’t.

The same goes for the iPhone. Why does my iPhone still use lightning but my iPad and MBP use USB C.

It does not make any sense regardless of how you look at it.


SigmaLance t1_ittvd4e wrote

“ Whereas Starlink for stationary vehicles costs $599 for the standard satellite dish, the RV-in-motion service requires a flat high-performance Starlink dish costing $2,500. The monthly fee comes in at $135. “

I’m curious as to why there is a cost difference for monthly service between a stationary object vs a moving object…

I understand the hardware fee, but what is the difference in service costs beyond that?


SigmaLance t1_isnsbff wrote

Well sure of course I want a flawless phone. With all of the bugs showing up this release the SIM not supported would hurt me the most. The rest of it I could deal with long enough until it’s software fixed. I’m trading in my current phone which I conduct business on so that’s why it working as a phone is a priority.

None of these bugs really caught too much of my attention because they are just nuisances that didn’t affect cellular quality.


SigmaLance t1_irdurjh wrote

They don’t stay in my ears at all. I’ve never had any luck with Apple headphones even when they were wired.

My Beats X on the other hand are great. I regret buying the EarPods, but had hoped they would work out with the included different sized tips. It’s a shame too because I enjoyed their sound.