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Your sentence doesn't make sense? If socioeconomic class is as important as racial then you have to imply southern states are more equal, especially considering the better proportion of black to white incarceration. I don't know why this southern racism thing still exists, Alabama and Louisiana are the only places I feel like there was a bit of 'racism' and those cops were just shitty in general. I mean unless anyone has any other hard data the only thing we can pull from this is that yes southern states law systems are less racists. Honestly places like Atlanta and Florida are very friendly to black people and people just exist together. In states up north there is still obviously some unconscious racism and the groupems are more separate. The further south you go the more than you realize black and white people share the culture together and it is now it's own thing. I really don't find it ironic that more republican states are friendlier to black people and more fair. Sure, there are some Confederate flag people and some people who believe black shouldn't date white, but they are also just very friendly and fair to everyone. Or at least that's the culture and systemic racism may still be an issue but the culture in the south is much more connected. People up north are much bigger assholes and act on differences in opinion and looks way more often. The southern propaganda thing is all bullshit fed to you by media because of stereotypes and politics. People would really be surprised if they ever visited the south. Course people sometimes say more racist things and directly call people out or hold political opinions linked to racism, but they do believe in fairness and equality and act on that. In the north there are tons of hidden racists who act on their beliefs every single day and treat people different. The south is more like I hold these beliefs but I also treat everyone equally and fairly and with respect because that the key to life.


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I'm not trying to be a dick but what evidence do you have for that? The people above broke down total numbers and drug offenses were literally top if not second place. I'd say that's still pretty 'full of drug pffenses' to me. And considering there are hundreds of arrests for drug users for every single arrest for a 'dealer', it's fair to say prisons are at least overly filled with low level drug offenses for what is necessary. People who use drugs do not benefit from jail and they harm no one (given they didn't break any other crimes).


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This is kinda true... It might have amazing benefits too, but the only reason it actually made it through was corporate benefit. Our government makes decisions for big businesses and self-protection now, political power is purchased. Doesn't help people follow and listen to companies whose sole job is to peddle certain beliefs so they get paid by those big businesses.