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Ok great but hes still 19. He wanted to do something special for you on your birthday with what he could afford. I get your worried about the server but there really was no reason to bring up the tip. I mean even if you felt that the server was undertipped, just got back to the restaurant the next day and tip the server without him there. idk I'm just saying that there are better ways to handle it


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I'm a generous tipper, normally 25%,but I was definitely not tipping that when I was 19. While in still think 10% is to low, depending on the total bill, id say its acceptable for a 19 year old.

What more worrying to me is you keep saying that, "WE shouldn't go to place HE can't afford to tip 20%." I understand you work, I understand it was your birthday but if your so concerned about the tip, and clearly this is an issue that has come up before, you should have just offered to pay the 20%.

He did the best he could for you and that was what he could afford. He's 19, give the guy a break


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What I'm saying is that I can be attracted to multiple body types. BBW, curvy, chubby, slim thicc, thicc, slim, fit, whatever else you want to use to describe body types don't matter. All that matter to me is if I look at you and find you attractive. I, like most guys, aren't limited by body type. There are preferences but that doesn't lock you to 1 body type.