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It reminds me of this scene from Futurama:

Ignoring the obvious anti-gay propagamda parallels (which was probably the purpose of the scene to begin with), there's something to be said about disconnect with other human beings and human experiences if the artificial is preferable - or at least 'good enough'.

We see this to some extent with shut-ins, like the Japanese hikikomri:


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I imagine it's because the research isn't there for it. It makes intuitive sense that losing siblings and seeing the trauma of those close to you would cause long-lasting traumatic effects, but there's a standard of scientific rigor that's gotta be kept for this type of psychological research - family court cases might come down to ACE scores, and so the research has got to be robust.


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You'd think, but there are a lot of people out there who think that people who can't stop eating are simply gluttons with weak willpower and a lack of self-control.

Research like this helps to disprove it and guide both policy and treatment for people who have disordered eating - which is almost certainly more than half of Americans, given that 3/4ths of Americans are overweight or obese.


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