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You do know that Biden put it on hold while it was reviewed, and instead the Democrats put their own version through that covered more people, right? Trump's version only covered his voting base.

It was frozen so they could assess costs and impact, and then they redid it better.

For some reason, Trump supporters always overlook that part.


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OK, I think we're just arguing semantics at this point. The phases are further broken down into sections, and obviously some are going to come online before others.

> It's exploded in cost and timeframe several times over from what it was sold as when it was voted on. The system was to be operational by 2020, for a cost of about $34 billion. The price is now ranges from $88 billion to $128 billion, and even the high end estimate makes questionable assumptions.

But that's, like, every large infrastructure project. There's always stuff missed, contractors always talk horseshit to get through the bidding process, etc.


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I know naysaying is an Internet sport, but I think the phase 1 delivery's getting a bit downplayed. Phase 1 is San Fan, San Jose, Fresno, Bakersfield, Burbank, L.A. and Anaheim. It's hardly nothing.

I dunno, I just get frustrated because people have bitched for decades about not having high-speed rail, and when a state actually does it they bitch about a 1500km long public works project being slow and expensive.


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> Dems and republicans are one and the same. They are one and the same.

They're demonstrably, blatantly not. To pretend otherwise is to promote voter apathy and enable the GOP's violent fascist rhetoric.

Are the Democrats "good"? - no, I'd like to have an actual progressive party that will do the necessary work to overturn corporate sponsorship of authoritarianism. Does that make them the same as the GOP? No. Members of the GOP are currently proposing, among other things:

  • The abolition of all income taxation
  • The abolition of all social spending
  • The abolition of THE UNITED STATES

The Democrats may not be the party we want, but to call them the same helps only our enemies.


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>Ok, that’s fine, republicans own the house. So what does that mean? We have to wait till the dems are in control of everything??

Have you been completely ignorant of GOP obstruction in the modern era? Yes, the Democrats need a majority to do almost anything because the GOP refuse to work with them. If they are not voted to a majority, you will receive no progress on anything other than enriching the rich, and broadcasting lies about fictional laptops.

Blaming the Democrats for not being able to put legislation through places where the GOP are in control is insane, and yet people do it constantly.


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> Despite Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) “making a last ditch effort” to put cannabis banking reform in the omnibus, as one senior Democratic Senate staffer put it last week, negotiations failed to produce a package that includes the measure.

Yeah, let's point the finger at the Democrats, when this couldn't happen because the GOP have the House (which you conveniently ignored in your comment).


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I mean given how absolutist and stridently incorrect you are, I'm going to doubt you voted the first time around. I listed a number of things this Congress has made progress on (because imagining that the government consists of one person is childish), but I can go through specifics if you'd like them?

Politifact's tracker shows him at 25% promises completed, 35% in progress, 32% stalled (guess why) and exactly 1% broken.