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I can see how this could work because Edward Norton’s narration at the beginning of the film is very soothing. I’ve noticed that if I’ve seen a film multiple times already, it’s easier for me to fall asleep to it… except for Lord of The Rings. I just can’t no matter how tired I am


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I can understand why people don’t like martyrs. It’s kind of one of those movies you need to accidentally stumble upon rather than get a recommendation. I consider myself somewhat of a movie buff as I’ve also seen 76% of the list and agree with your points, but out of every movie on here Martyrs left the biggest impression on me. I hate that I loved it and will never ever recommend it to anyone. Fantastic list though. The wailing is also one of the GOATS in the genre that people don’t give a chance cause it’s a Korean film. Idk if it was on there but I recommend checking out ‘Revenge’ since you liked Mandy and also ‘Ravenous’ with Guy Pierce and William Carlisle