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That 40% "slacking off" is people working to capacity, and then refusing to work beyond it. Rather like mules, who will just stop working rather than let themselves be worked to death. Human brains do not work at full speed for 8+ hours at a time; 4-6 hours of intense concentration is about it, and that's for hyperfocused ADHD nerds like myself. Brains need downtime just like bodies; serious mental work is tiring.


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Mainstream (i.e., not far-right evangelicals) Christians do accept evolutionary theory. We just don't get press, because being boring and average doesn't make for click-bait headlines.

So, mainstream Christian acceptance of evolutionary theory would probably be classed as "intelligent design": God created the universe, God defined the Laws of Physics and set things in motion with the intent that they work out this way.

Mainstream God has a far longer view and is far more terrifyingly Other than evangelical's 4000-year-old toddler assembling a world exactly as it is now who throws temper fits if his creations don't follow the rules he supposedly wrote, even if he made his creations in such a way that they can't follow the rules perfectly.

Fortunately, in spite of being incomprehensibly Lovecraftian, Mainstream God loves ALL his children, and periodically sends prophets to explain things in comprehensible terms. Then a game of telephone ensues and we get garbage like evangelical anti-Christianity out of "Love your neighbor as yourself, that is the Second Commandment"