Sirkitbreak99 t1_is31wla wrote

You are absolutely right they can make what ever crazy rules they want. It's the reason they gave that's absolutely BS. If the guy at the door was just like "no airpods, store rule" then yeah its just a silly rule and that's the end of it. It's when people start over thinking it and trying to guess crazy reasons for the rule that it gets ridiculous.

I would also argue that most people don't leave their phones in the car and bring them with them when walking into a dispensery. Only because why would you leave your phone in the car, that's odd.


Sirkitbreak99 t1_iryfcpr wrote

Is everyone here just forgetting that they have a phone in their pocket that is also a litteral wireless mic that can be set to record?

Also don't forget the wiretapping laws in NJ only require one party consent.