SisyphusPolitico t1_j9zzebl wrote

Lol you moron. Its a logic loop. Project much?

Theres no fucking trans even in this - a cis man was perving on women in cis gendered bathrooms. This, as other commentators noted, is a fucking proof of point that anti trans sentiment is stupid.

You personally tho can go take whatever genitals you have and apply them directly to yourself.


SisyphusPolitico t1_j9usgdl wrote

Wait, so other men arent banned?

That would make toilets coed.

If the toilets are coed, then there are no womens toilets.

So hes not banned.

But if he not banned, then the general accepted ban on men in womens toilets applies.

Womens toilets exist!

But then his ban applies.

So other men...arent banned?