Skellephant t1_iyecfsj wrote

I got bullied pretty bad at school and I also never did my homework, so the teachers would shame/embarrass me for not doing the work. So I was always just worried about how miserable the next day would be. Then as an adult, my ex-wife tried to kill her self twice. Both times were while I asleep and had to wake up and suddenly find her in unconscious and unresponsive in a puddle of blood. Sleeping is surprisingly very stressful for me.


Skellephant t1_iyax080 wrote

I have sleep anxiety. As in, I literally get panic attacks from realizing that I almost fell asleep. Its pretty annoying to try to go to bed and be totally exhausted, and then suddenly get an adrenaline burst and full panic mode because sleep is spooky. A weighted blanket helps me stay calm as I fall asleep. I love it. I get so much better rest with the weighted blanket, it really changed everything.