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> pizza cheese

If that had been marshmallow instead of cheese it might be good, some kosher salt sprinkled about as well to give it a salty sweet taste and it may be enjoyable. Especially if the chocolate was on the just barely melted so it had a thicker consistency and wasn't runny/burning you.


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It's such a problem with sentancing though. All it does is let us get our revenge need out but doesnt really solve the problem. Lets imagine the normal path for one of these people in prison, they go in, they probably join a white supremacist/skin head gang for protection, they pick up more shitty behaviors and criminal connections. They get out.. they then go to work with their support network which is now 100% white supremacists and skinheads as they no longer have anything.

What did we accomplish? We kicked the problem down the road for 10 years and made it worse. We never actually fixed it. We really need prison reform for everyone possibly with legislation that makes it illegal to discriminate against hiring former convicts or that you're not obligated to report it unless you're a sex offender.

Maybe job placement/training/relocation so that when you come out you're at parity-10% or so of when you went in depending on your circumstances. Not that prison should be a reward, but so that it actually does something useful.


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50% on a flight, there may be every other flight had 1-2% and a different flight 98% so far all I've seen is "One flight to Italy had a 50% test rate" and while yea, 50% is massive and I doubt anyone coming off ere isn't infected after spending 10ish hours in a metal tube with them.

Given all I know is "One plane had a 50% infection rate" and I dont know how many planes there have been or the infection rate on those I know that I know jack shit right now about how much is coming out of china.

I do think the steps the US is taking are very good ideas, I am surprised europe isn't doing the same.


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> I feel like the US is going to get hit again.

The US has the 'rona right now. Avoid chinese tourist groups and you severely limit your exposure from them, that and they all have to show proof of testing negative before boarding a plane anyway.

"Get Hit" is pretty absurd and far out statement wise. We should have mandatory post flight quarantine periods though.


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> Minimum Sentancing

Honestly should be fully done away.

> Consequences for their actions

Even a single year in prison will absolutely fuck up your life and you for the rest of your life. So basically once they're in prison the revenge is pretty well there.

We really have to make an example of their leadership though if we want to see their behavior change. Not just the orange joke of a human but also Murdoch and his media empire.