Skeptical_Vegan t1_irfcvgd wrote

I don't understand what you mean by God? The Romans had marriage. The Norwegians have marriage The Muslims, the Hindus. The Asians all have marriage and none of them are under the sanctity of some deity. I don't believe in your deity. It's stupid that you're going to pass a law that makes me follow your religion. You don't have any evidence to support the existence of said deity and yet you're still choosing it over living breathing individuals that are born gay. How ridiculous is this? You not see the issue?

Just because you say it's god-given doesn't mean that it is. Until you can give me direct evidence of your God and then after approving that your God exists, you must then also prove to me that a. He doesn't make a gay people born that way and b you must then also prove that he gives a f*** about who we marry. But none of this can be proven. So it's f****** stupid to start passing laws on this stuff when we have no reason to believe any of it. Especially when it horribly f**** over a fairly numerous minority.