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There is no easy way. No shortcut. It's a long and miserable haul but the rewards are so worth it. The secret (IMHO) is never give up trying or get so down on yourself that you give up. It usually takes a lot of tries before you finally succeed but each try brings you one step closer.


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How is art from an unkown or obscure artist priced in the first place anyway? Does the artist just count the cost of materials and then figure a dollar per hour amount for creation or does he/she just say "oh what the heck, mark at $1,000 and let's see if anyone bites?"


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My experience differs. I've done 3 - two over tile and one over a fiberglass insert. The fiberglass one was really great and after 5 years is still going strong. The tile less so but still pretty good. The tech filled some tile cracks and made them virtually disappear. He did a really detailed job on taping, sanding and spraying and the result was excellent. Now a few years later the finish has dulled somewhat but no peeling, cracking, etc. It was only promised to be good for 3 years and it beat that forecast and I can have it re-done one more time. At a cost of about $450/bath (~2017 dollars) it was a whole lot less cash than new tile, even if I did the work myself. So I guess there are other factors at work - maybe the tech's competence of the quality of the substrate or whatever - but my mileage varied from your yours. Cheers!


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If the issue is simply color, you can have tiles reglazed in a different color at a much, much loeer cost and very quickly. The process works very well and involves spraying a strong epoxy covering over existing tile.