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Damned if they do, damned if they don't.

Honestly, it's better having people prepare for the worst and nothing happens than the other way around.

I'm sure your one of the first people that screams bloody murder when the weather is worse than predicted, aren't ya?


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The waste is from the accident. The train was shipping dangerous chemicals used in processes to make the various things you use everyday. It's not about the product or the waste, it's about the safety of transporting it. These kinds of trains have been running around the US forever. The problem is we've allowed the companies that operate these trains to squeeze more profit in the name of safety and this event is the direct result of that.


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But, but, but it's just a weather balloon!

Apparently this isn't the first time. That we the public know about. In the spy business, you don't reveal what you know. It allows you to continue monitor them. If you reveal, say when our spy agencies spotted the balloon, the next time they will do something different and you might not catch them.

I've no doubt, those in the spy business and charged with protecting our secrets, knew about this and took appropriate actions to not only protect our assets, but to make sure they didn't know we knew.

Once the public became aware, they needed to do something. So they waited until they could control the area where it would come down. That was the Atlantic off the coast. Now we get to see exactly what they were doing and the level of tech used.

We will be able to point at it and say, "Look, this is spy shit, not something that would be used for 'weather' monitoring." Next time one of these approaches our territory it will be toasted ASAP and there will be no ambiguity over whether or not it was some errant weather balloon.


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Check the price per pound on their bagged "bulk" cereals and compare to the boxed ones. The bagged bulk costs more per pound. Such a fucking scam.

Don't get me started on how they post the unit price in a position on the label that just happens to fall behind the bottom lip of the shelf. You can't read the price if it's above eye level. I've used my phone camera to read them. Again, fucking scammers.