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Con: It's a lot of money. Can you afford it?

Pro: It's pretty.

Pro: You can hang it on wall? (Be sure to use a good mount and stud finder for something that heavy) So it shouldn't take up much space.

Will it make you happy when you see it every day? Imagine moving out of your current home in a few years. Does the shield come with you? Does it give beauty to subsequent homes?


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We shrunk the ozone hole. We can act when the problem (look at this hole) and the solution (reduce certain types of emissions) are well defined.

The problem with climate change is that it's too nebulous: "This weather is getting weird because we enjoy too many modern conveniences." Like seriously, wtf does that mean? It's like the modern secular version of, "God will smite us because we have sinned."


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Any chance you can get a dishwasher? You can both put dishes in it throughout the day and then you can run it at night. Your fiance will like how it prevents dishes from piling up in the sink, and you'll like how it's one daily task.

If that's not an option, consider a pair of dish racks (clean and dirty) or similar. If you can keep things organized throughout the day, that will make the kitchen cleaner. A place for everything, everything in its place.