Slavic_Dusa t1_j1f615i wrote

The only thing that is unusual is such a sudden temperature drop. That is it.

It didn't start yet, and temperatures in NJ are not expected to be super low.

For our state, it seems to be more of a media hype than anything else to be hones.

It needs to get much colder than -10 Celsius for NJ to be affected.

Southern states are not prepared for snow, ice, and cold, so for them, this will get extreme and difficult.


Slavic_Dusa t1_j15f7lw wrote

Fair enough, there is something every single day that could and should be honored, but it isn't. I mean what about the Festivus for the rest of us?

I personally like r/newjersey because it is about NJ, and so far, it didn't let religion rear its ugly head. I sincerely hope it continues like that.

There is so much devide in our society. North vs South (everyone knows Central NJ doesn't exit). Pork roll vs. Taylor ham. Libtards vs Trumptards.

We don't need to open new can of worms.