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I moved from a small town to north Philly 4 years ago and couldn’t believe how many kids got to roam around, go to the park, go to papi store, usually by themselves! It was like how I imagined kids in the 1950s got to be. It’s nice to see that kids have that type of freedom in such a big city.


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Its because of the pandemic. They basically stopped giving a fuck and assumed everyone just moved home, cut their police presence way down, and the rest is history. Now they are trying to blame it on the students "disrespecting the community", as if were the ones that have single-handedly turned it into a shit hole. Its actually disgusting to see my alma mater act that way.


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As a guy, I feel like a lot of the sex scenes that I’ve read in books are geared towards female fantasies/turn ons. They seem to focus on the implications/taboos surrounding the sex and the tension.

These scenes tend to just make me feel wrong/uncomfy when reading. If I want sexy imagery im gonna watch porn.


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Honestly I couldn’t tell you but I have had a deep hatred of him ever since that temple kid got killed last year. Fucking idiot let a violent, uncontrollable 17 year old back onto the streets for no reason.

Well, the reason was “lack of evidence” at his trial, but with someone like that you could basically lock them up for walking down the street with how much dirt he did in the streets. Especially teenagers, they don’t give a single fuck and sometimes need to be locked up for the safety of everyone else.