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If you go IT, you can self study the Comptia Certs. The first one you wanna look at is IT Fundamentals or A+ 1101/1102. Skip the ITF if you are already computer savvy.

You can get these at a school, but there is plenty of free info out there and cheap study tools. If you are a go getter you could have your A+ in 6 months.


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Reply to Ice fishing help by Blatts

Smelting in randolph is different than regular ice fishing but very fun.

Just be sure to go when they are running.


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At a past job all my coworkers used to do this and then fill the waste basket with used shit tickets.

Had something to do with plumbing in their home country.


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Ya I'm convinced fidium or one of their partner companies sold my data right away. My email box exploded and i started to get 5 or 6 calls a day from random numbers. This is before i even had the service, just signed up and made an appt.


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Used to say the same thing. Have had 2 awesome dogs from the humane society. There is room for reputable ethical breeders as well.

I was fostering for a local humane society and realized how much of a roll of the dice it can be. Attacked on 2 occasions by one dog. Traumatized dogs are not for everyone. Humane societies dont always make the best decisions with placement. Its okay if someone doesn't want to roll those dice.